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Fitting Adhesive Balance Weights

When you have new tires fitted to your vehicle, they need to be balanced and this is often done using small balance weights fitted to the inside of the wheel.

You can also split the wheel weights to hide them in the correct places behind the spokes of an alloy wheel. This gives a more professional finish to your wheel balancing work.

When you stick the adhesive weight to your wheel, you need to apply pressure. Take a look at the instructions on the particular brand of weight you are using. Bear in mind that if the weather is cold, you may need to apply pressure for slightly longer to start the adhesion process.

It takes around 72 hours for sports car wheel balance weights to reach their full adhesive force. You're usually safe to drive your car straight away but the first 72 hours is where these weights are most likely to fall off, especially if your wheel wasn't cleaned properly to begin with.

If you're applying balance weights yourself, it's often wise to mark the spot where they need to go with a permanent marker. If the weight does fall off, you know where to stick a new one without having to put your wheel on the balancing machine again.


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