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Telescopic Transmission Jack

It is mainly used for high-position installation and disassembly of automobile gearboxes, engines, transmissions, front and rear axles and other objects weighing less than 500kg. It is an indispensable lifting and transportation tool for automobile repair and maintenance factories. It is a supporting equipment for column or scissor car lifting equipment, and telescopic transmission jack is also suitable for trench use.


  1. Use a column or scissor lift to lift the car to a certain height.
  2. Push telescopic transmission jackunder the car, and lift the hydraulic transport lift to a suitable position, remove the items that need to be repaired (such as: gearbox, engine, drive shaft, front and rear axles, etc.), and place them on the support Then use the steel chain to fasten the object, open the unloading valve, and put the bracket and object in place.
  3. Push the telescopic transmission jackto the required position, and use the crane to lift the object for maintenance.


  1. If telescopic transmission jackneeds to be moved, the bracket should be placed in the lowest position. The ground should be firm and flat, and no unevenness and obstacles are allowed to avoid damage to the wheels and the whole machine to tip over.
  2. The objects should be fastened with steel chains before moving.
  3. Overload use is strictly prohibited.
  4. The oil in the oil storage cavity should be 15# mechanical oil, which cannot be replaced by brake oil.
  5. After unpacking, fully understand the instruction manual and assemble according to the exploded drawing.
  6. Prior to use in the fuel reservoir tube screws loosen.

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