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Review of the 2023 Auto Parts Exhibition

2023 is coming to an end, and the auto parts exhibition throughout the year has come to a successful conclusion. 2023 is a year full of challenges and opportunities for Shengshi Weiye. After 3 years, we have participated as an exhibitor in many well-known domestic and foreign exhibitions, including the 133 Spring Canton Fair, 2023 Automec Sao Paulo, MOSCOW INTERAUTO 2023, and the 134 Autumn Canton Fair. 134 CANTON FAIR, 2023 SEMA, Shanghai Frankfurt Exhibition 2023 automechanika Shanghai.
At these exhibitions, Shengshi Weiye's products - iron/zinc balance weights and tire valves have received the attention and favor of many important domestic and foreign customers.
Every exhibition is a process for us to communicate and learn from the industry. At these exhibitions, we not only showcased Shengshi Weiye's latest products and technical capabilities, but also learned about their needs and expectations through interactions with customers. These valuable experiences provide us with directions for improvement and development, allowing us to better meet the needs of the market and customers.
Looking back on the exhibition history in 2023, we feel that we have gained a lot. The success of every exhibition is inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of all employees. Here, we would like to thank all our customers and friends who support Shengshi Weiye. It is your trust and support that gives us the motivation to pursue higher goals.
In the future, we will continue to conduct in-depth research on market demand and continuously launch innovative and competitive products. We believe that with the professional technology and high-quality services of Shengshi Weiye, we will be able to achieve more brilliant achievements in the field of pressure measurement.
Next, let’s review the highlights of this year’s exhibition through video!


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