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European client Kevin enters the work site for on site inspection

Yesterday, Kevin from the UK and his translator KIKI visited the Ningbo market and visited the Shengshi Weiye workshop for on-site inspection.

Kevin visits the wheel weight factory

Previously, a supplier that collaborated with Kevin experienced rusting of the balance block before it could be used on its own after receiving the goods. Therefore, Kevin specifically flew from Europe to China to conduct on-site inspections of the factory.

Kevin was involved in the entire production process, from controlling raw materials to checking the quality of the balance block tape, and then to testing. We occasionally ask questions and answer them one by one.

Kevin maintained a high mood from entering the factory workshop at 10am to returning to the hotel at 6pm. He said that this time, he will choose a good supplier and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

Later, Kevin also learned about our factory's related products, including zinc clip on wheel weight, heavy-duty wheel weight, and iron clip on wheel weight .

This successful on-site survey not only affirms us, but also means that we have reached a cooperation agreement with Kevin and us. This indicates that the competitiveness of the domestic automotive parts industry is constantly increasing, bringing confidence and motivation for more domestic related enterprises to expand into the international market.

Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye has 8 years of production experience and has been vigorously serving the automotive after-sales market since 1996. It provides product matching solutions for more than 30 international and domestic automotive manufacturers, and has a market share of 60%.


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