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Pneumatic Hydraulic Jacks Order

On December 26, 2021, we received an inquiry about pneumatic hydraulic jacks from Russian customers on the official website. The customer needs two pieces pneumatic hydraulic jacks. According to the customer's requirements, we recommended several pneumatic hydraulic jacks of 80t and 100t, long handle and folding handle, and the customer finally chose the 80t folding pneumatic jack.

Pneumatic jack Safety warning
1. Jack only for lifting tools,  not for use as a support.
2. Jack should be used on the ground level, not allowed to use on slopes or other inclined surface, otherwise it will cause pull cylinder, cylinder is not under warranty.
3. Lifting, the vehicle off the other round of application of hard pad cushion to prevent body movement after lifting
4. People are not allowed to work under the vehicle without the safety bracket after lifting.
5. Failure to comply with the above safety warning will result in persona injury or property damage.


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