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Car Jack Stand

Jack bracket is a necessary car repair family, a good helper of jack, safe and stable, durable.

Car Jack Stand

Car Jack Stand

This week, we received an inquiry from a customer about the jack stand. The customer knew this requirement, directly told us that he needed 3 tons, with a height of 27.5-41.5cm. We recommended our regular style, and after sending the specifications, the customer confirmed that the style was good and met their requirements. The customer wants the color box, after confirming the packaging way, we calculated the price according to the minimum order quantity for the customer, and the customer's feedback needs to be submitted to the manager for review, looking forward to receiving good news!


  1. Anti-slip pad design at the top, effectively anti-slip and protect the contact surface, effectively increase the friction force.
  2. Surface painting process, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, durable.

Precautions for use:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to overload the bracket, which may lead to personal accidents
  2. Can only be used in pairs on hard flat ground
  3. Brake the vehicle before use.
  4. The load and support should be kept stable, otherwise it can not be engaged in maintenance under the vehicle, and sharp vibration can be avoidedusing.

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