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Operation of tire pressure gauge

    1. Unscrew the cap of the tire valve
    2. Fasten the pressure measuring mouth of the inflatable gun to the valve mouth
    3. The tire pressure gauge will display the tire pressure. If the tire pressure is insufficient, proceed to the next step and bleed back to zero;
    4. If the tire pressure is too high, please press the air valve to adjust to the appropriate tire pressure. The air release valve is the return valve;
    5. If the tire pressure is too low, inflate the tire by connecting the nozzle of the air pump to the zinc alloy inlet of the air gun;
    6. After the inflating head is connected, pinch the inflating switch to conduct inflation;
    7. After use, press the air valve, set the pointer back to zero, and screw back the cover of the original tire valve

tire pressure gauge


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