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Business For wheel weight and tire valve

On November 19, 2020, an old customer from South Africa contacted me again, wanting to purchase a batch of iron sticks wheel weight and tire valves as inventory again. The iron sticks wheel weight determined by the customer this time are 3M tape and white tape, galvanized, 5+10. The tire valve is made of TR414, aluminum alloy.

Business For wheel weight and tire valve


The customer said that the quality ordered last time was very good, but because the country was too hot, they needed better tape and tape with better adhesion. Therefore, 3M tape is needed this time. After confirming the product details with the customer, the customer will be quoted, and the customer is very satisfied after receiving the quotation. The advance payment was arranged the next day.


The transaction negotiation time with the customer is not long, mainly because the customer is an old customer, the customer trusts us very much, and will place an order for us every year. This time the order is placed very late, mainly because of the epidemic, but The customer also overcame the difficulties of the epidemic and successfully arranged payment. Therefore, we need to establish long-term contact and viscosity with old customers to help customers solve problems. Let customers have a sense of trust, and finally obtain orders through detailed negotiations.


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