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Industry standard for wheel weight

The industry standard guidelines for wheel weight may vary depending on the scenario and usage purpose. Here are some industry standard guidelines that may apply:

Industry standard for wheel weight

1. Ensure that the materials used for the counterweight comply with environmental requirements and are free of any harmful substances such as benzopyrene, halides, etc.

2. Balance weights are produced according to design and specifications to ensure their stability and accuracy under pressure and temperature changes.

3. The weights are accurately measured and calibrated before delivery to the customer to ensure they meet specifications.

3. Provide reliable traceability, including information on material sources, production conditions, product batches, etc.

4. Provide effective after-sales service, including technical support and quality assurance.

5. Comply with relevant national and regional laws and regulations, such as the EU RoHS Directive.

The above are some industry standard guidelines that may be applicable and should be refined according to different industries and application scenarios.


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