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Fe wheel weight orders from American customers

Recently, an American customer, Iron Bonded Wheel Weight, needs to make a large purchase. To this end, the American Automobile Industry Association issued a procurement announcement, aiming to bid for suppliers to meet the needs of the industry.

According to the requirements of the announcement, suppliers are required to provide the corresponding Iron Bonded Wheel Weight within the specified time, and their quality is required to comply with relevant domestic and foreign standards such as GB/T 9362-2008 and ISO 1940 to ensure the quality and safety performance of the products.
In terms of procurement, suppliers need to propose reasonable prices according to the announcement and attach detailed product information such as size, weight, material, etc. The purchaser will conduct a strict evaluation in accordance with the bidding rules and finally select a suitable supplier from a large number of suppliers.

Fe wheel weight orders from American customers

The goods involved in this bidding will arrive at the designated port in the near future, and the supplier needs to deliver the product to the designated location within the specified time. The delivery time is within 10 days, the time is tight and the task is heavy. Suppliers need to be equipped with sufficient personnel, technology and processes to ensure accurate and stable delivery and order fulfillment.

Steel Wheel Weight is an indispensable component in vehicle operation. It can maintain the power balance of the wheel differential and ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle during driving. Therefore, the importance of this procurement is self-evident. Suppliers should adhere to the principles of integrity and efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of the automotive industry.


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