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Türkiye customer ordered Fe adhesive wheel weight from ShengshiWeiye

As a high-quality supplier of tire wheel weight, ShengshiWeiye has a large number of orders for automotive tire repair products from around the world. Last November, a customer in Türkiye ordered a large number of tire wheel weight from Shengshi Weiye, including (5g+10g) * 4 Fe adhesive wheel weight,Fe clip on wheel weight, tire valves, tire repair rubber strips, etc. At present, Shengshi Weiye has shipped these goods to the customer's location. The 23rd batch of goods recently produced for Türkiye households has been arranged to be produced in this factory. The products produced in this batch are over 40 tons of iron bonded wheel weight.

Our company fully understands the importance of meeting customer expectations and accurately meets the requirements of Indonesian customers. There are two specifications for these 40 ton wheel weight: (5g+10g) * 4 and 5g * 12. Each box is packaged in 100 pieces to ensure a perfect fit for the customer's application. At the same time, upon customer request, transport these wheel weight. The wheel weight will be packaged in a customized packaging box by the customer, and the outside will be secured and protected with wooden pallets.

In terms of surface treatment, the customer requires the use of galvanizing process. This type of galvanizing not only improves the corrosion resistance of the pipeline, but also provides a beautiful appearance. ShengshiWeiye's professional knowledge in applying high-quality galvanizing ensures that each wheel weight meets or exceeds industry standards.

The smooth execution of the order demonstrates our commitment to quality, compliance, and customer-centric solutions. Choose ShengshiWeiye according to your needs and experience our unremitting dedication to excellence. Please contact us immediately to discuss your needs and see what we can do.

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