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Comparison between Shengshi Weiye Wheel Weight and Y Company Wheel Weight

In the automotive spare parts market, the competition for wheel weight products is fierce. In order to help customers make wise choices, we compared mainstream wheel weight products in the market.

We have chosen our main product 5g * 12 wheel weight and a domestic company (5g+10g) * 4 wheel weight (hereinafter referred to as Company Y) as the test objects. Both of these products have a certain level of popularity and user base in the market.

After detailed comparison and testing, we found that Shengshi Weiye has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

1. Accuracy: Five test samples were tested, with Shengshi Weiye weighing 60g, 60g, 60g, 60g, 60g, and Y company weighing 58g, 58g, 59g, 57g, and 58g, respectively

2. Durability: This test is provided by a Brazilian customer. This batch of products is the unpacking diagram of the customer who purchased both Shengshi Weiye 5g * 12 and Y Company's (5g+10g) * 4 specification products at the same time. After one month of transportation, the goods arrived at the customer's hands:

Based on the above comparison, Shengshi Weiye has performed excellently in accuracy, durability, and other aspects, making it an ideal choice for consumers. If you have high requirements for driving safety and comfort, we strongly recommend that you consider Shengshi Weiye products.


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