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Features of Airbag jacks

On August 6, 2021, we received an inquiry about airbag jacks from Malaysian customers on the official website. Customers need 10 pieces airbag jacks. According to the customer's requirements, we recommended several airbag jacks of 3T and 5T, long handle, folding handle and round handle.

Features of Airbag jacks

Features of airbag Jack:

  1. Thickened supporting head: the thickened supporting head is adopted, reinforced with steel plate, and the lifting is stable and reliable;
  2. Thickened base: excellent material selection, thick and durable. When in use, it is put under the vehicle, which saves time and is convenient;
  3. Rubber roller
  4. Anti rust painting: full coverage painting is adopted as a whole, and matte baking paint is used to prevent rust;
  5. Parts are produced by ourselves, and the cost is reduced;
  6. Pre delivery test: 2-hour air tightness test;
  7. Working pressure: 8-12bar;
  8. You can customize the color and logo.

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