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Jackhammer bracket bracket

This week we received inquiries from old customers for the jackhammer bracket, which is also our new expanded product, and sales have been increasing.

The customer purchased the jackhammer product before and saw that this product is very popular and recommended to the customer. The customer likes it very much, so they decided to order a few samples first. This item has been confirmed with the customer and added to the current order, and we look forward to the positive feedback from the customer after receiving the sample!

Purpose: Used for wind gun hanger in car maintenance

Lifting height: 25-90cm



  1. High-quality steel spring, using 65# manganese steel spring, has good elasticity, sturdiness and durability, labor-saving, and can be raised and lowered freely.
  2. Increase and thicken the chassis, adopt this design, more stable and durable
  3. Enlarge the wheel hub, the diameter of the wheel can reach 31cm, bigger and more stable
  4. Lengthen the fixed chain, more flexible and convenient to use
  5. High-quality universal wheels, using high-quality universal wheels, flexible and free.



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