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Business For Crane

On December 24, 2020, Alibaba received an inquiry from Nigeria. The customer asked for a 3-ton crane. The customer required red color and customized style, and asked me to send it to his representative office in China -- Guangzhou. I asked the customer's detailed address, phone number and email, and later made a quotation for the customer. The customer then said the price was satisfactory and decided to pay. After giving the proforma invoice to the customer, the customer said that he would ask his Chinese agent to arrange the payment.

Business For Crane

A few days later, the customer gave us the slip. According to the customer's requirements, we arranged to prepare the goods, deliver the goods and send the finished pictures. The customer was very satisfied. Now the customer's agent has received the goods, the customer asked his agent to provide a receipt, and asked me to give the receipt to him, I sent to the customer, the customer said very satisfied, also very happy, said in the near future will cooperate again.

The transaction with the customer went very smoothly this time, mainly because the customer is very interested in the spring dismantling machine, and is in urgent need of this batch of goods, so the quotation is very close to the customer's expected price, so we can further negotiate and cooperate with the customer. Therefore, we need to understand customer needs through dialogue with customers to help them solve problems. Finally through the price negotiation to obtain the order.


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