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About the cooperation with King Long

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exciting partnership with King Long Bus Company to provide matching wheel balance weights for their buses. This cooperation will further strengthen our position in the commercial vehicle industry and contribute to the success of the King Long brand.

King Long is famous for its excellent quality and advanced technology. Their vehicles enjoy a high reputation worldwide and are widely used in urban buses, tourist buses and other fields. We are very proud to work hand in hand with King Long to drive the excellence of its vehicles.
As a company dedicated to the manufacture of auto parts, we are well aware of the importance of wheel balance to vehicle safety and stability. Our wheel balance weights use state-of-the-art technology to accurately distribute tire and wheel weight, keeping your vehicle balanced and stable at high speeds. Our products are durable, reliable and high-precision, which fully meet the strict requirements of King Long Bus.
Our cooperation with King Long will usher in new development opportunities and challenges. We will work closely with King Long's engineering team to develop and optimize wheel balancers to meet changing market demands. We believe that with our technology and expertise, we can provide King Long with wheel balancing solutions that meet its high standards.
This cooperation will further consolidate and expand our resources and market share in the commercial vehicle industry. We will make full use of King Long's extensive sales network and global market channels to promote our wheel balance weight products to more users. Customers of King Long can look forward to top-notch performance and reliability while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.
We are full of confidence in this cooperation and look forward to providing King Long with excellent wheel balance weights to help their further success. We will continue to strengthen the close cooperation with King Long, constantly innovate and improve our products to meet the needs of customers and promote the development of the entire commercial vehicle industry. We believe that this cooperation will bring mutual success and achievement to both of us.


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