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It Just Happens That Way


At the end of July customer inquiry from Thailand inquiry tire seal string !


100x6mm Brown,50pcs/Box .She is nice,kind and humorous girl!


Just like most customer ,in order to test the quality ,need sample ;so send several box of tire seal to customer in July ,through 3 month market test ,all things go to best ways -------market feedback‘ Your Tire Seal String is soft ,strong stickness ,just meet our market’

Based on quality confirm ,things just happens that way ,in October customer placed a trial order --3000box ,and yesterday goods shipped to Yiwu warehouse !

tire seal string

All our tire seal will first put in plastic bag to guarantee not to dry and keep tire seal string soft ,not to hard!

Then pretty box and carton ,then Fumigattion free wooden pallet to guarantee good pallet during transfering on the way !


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