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Meet again 6 years lator

The French customer for wheel weights

On 15th October,Ms. Marieemailed me: I plan a visit on october 26th (morning) to Cangzhou. I would like to visit your factory, is it convenient for you ? Could you pick me up at  Arcadia hotel and drive back in the afternoon to the train station? It is really a surprise for me. Then I replied an email about the product she hopes to visit.And She hope to visit wheel weight and tire valves. After this, I looked forwards to meet.

Visit the wheel balance weight factory

On 26th, it is really a miracle. Ms. Marrie is the customer who come in 2011. Both Marie and boss are very happy. In 2011, its a pity that we didn’t cooperate because of language problem. Firstly, we visited the tire valve factory for checking the produce line, leaking test, pulling force test. Then we went to wheel weight factory. Ms. Marie checked the raw material, surface treatment process and the workers’ work.

After visiting of factory, Ms.Marie felt the big change of our factory after six years. And She thought the every part of car is key point to keep the safety of people. So Both tire valves and wheel weight must be with high quality. And today’s Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile accessory Co.,ltd is one best choice for her. At the last, We talked about the details of order in December from product to packing. At 4:00pm, we have to end our this happy day because of the train ticket.


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