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Tire valve customer from Peru

Tire valve customer from Peru

Received the inquiry of tire valve from Peru at the beginning of November.

The customer needs tire valve tr413. After my reply on Alibaba, the customer got my contact information and then sent me messages on WhatsApp actively. We negotiated and then confirmed the model and material as well as the quantity of the tire valve. After receiving the quotation of the tire valve tr413, he agreed and then only remains the problem of freight.

Tire Valves TR413

The process goes smoothly, but the problem is about the language. He sent me messages in Spanish and I replied in English. With the help of translate tools to understand his meaning, I still needs rechecking with him when I got no help of the translation sometimes. It wastes time and may be confusing sometimes. The customer is still in touch to confirm the freight and other concerned issues afterwards.


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