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About Clip On Wheel Weight

Clip On Wheel Weight USES the high quality steel stamping riveting molding, surface electrostatic spraying treatment, anti-corrosion effect is good, never rust, meet the requirements of environmental protection of Europe and America.

Clio-on wheel balance weights are divided into iron wheel balance weights, zinc wheel balance weights, and lead wheel balance weights.


About Clip On Wheel Weight About Clip On Wheel Weight About Clip On Wheel Weight About Clip On Wheel Weight
1.Selection Of The Right Wheel Weight:

Prior to installation, select the appropriate weight from the SHENGSHIWEIYE WHEEL WEIGHT range on the basis of the rim shape. The choice is determined by the rim design. The rim flange thickness varies (steel rim/aluminium rim) and different rolling processes are used. Put the wheel weight beside the rim flange before installation to check the shape.

2.Positioning The Wheel Weight:

Put the wheel weight to the calculated place. Before knocking the wheel weight on the rim, make sure that the clip is correctly touching the rim flange.


3.Applying The Wheel  Weight:

After positioning of the wheel weight, apply it with an adequate tool (such as mounting pliers or hammer). To install the wheel weights, no more than two forceful knocks should be used. A higher number of knocks can damage the coating of the wheel weights.

4.Check The Correct Hold Of The Wheel Weight:

After the installation, please ensure a thight fit of the wheel weight.


The installation of clip on wheel weight
1.After checkout the wheel finishing dynamic balance, using cleaner to wash the inside and outside of wheel hub
2.Checking before installed Fe clip on wheel weight
a.There isn't any cracks, pinholes, sinkhole or other bug could impact the intensity.
b.clamping piece is no crack and bruu
3.Find the balance point, install the wheel weight on that point, use tools(usually use wheel weight plier)hit the top of wheel weight, making the grab and body fit the wheel hub fully.
4.After the installation, check the wheel weight whether less crowded, if not, then finished the installation.

Wheel Weight Piler that can be used to remove the Clip On Wheel Weight

Shengshiweiye clip-on wheel weights are made of a fine zinc alloy. With the broad available range of weight types and weight sizes the best fit for any type of rim can be assured. In addition, the extra-strong clips meet OEM requirements and provide a secure fit in all driving situations.


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