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TPMS Valve 08

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TPMS Valve 08

Easy Pairing-No Programming Required: Our preprogrammed tire sensor comes ready to be paired to compatible vehicle, all you need to do is the sensor matching process.
Reduce Fuel Consumption: Low tire pressure will cause rapid wear of shoulder and sidewall of tire, and shorten tire life. It also increases rolling resistance, which in turn increases fuel consumption. If there is real-time monitoring of tire pressure, the above situation can be avoided.
EASY INSTALLATION: What you do is to remove old or broken TPMS sensor and replace it directly. It is well designed to be simply placed on both Front and Rear wheels, Left and Right sides.TPMS Valve 08

TPMS Valve 08TPMS Valve 08


Product description
●Precise/Stable: The mainly function is to monitor tire internal pressure and allow you know the tire condition. High level of accuracy and sensitivity, High quality material ensures stable performance and durability.
●The Tire Pressure Sensor is 100% new and come pre-programmed specifically for your make/model/year of vehicle,need activate them or "re-learning".
●Some vehicles come with auto re-learn feature equipped and some don't. Please consult with your car manufacturer for re-learn instruction if your vehicle required manual re-learn.
●Battery: Battery is made to last up to 5 years of normal use.

Compatible Vehicles:
For Peugeot 407 407SW

Item name:Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor
Color: As the Picture
Material: Metal and Plastic



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