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TPMS Valve 04

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TPMS Valve 04

The TPMS-04 screw valve for TPMS sensors is a perfect replacement for the valves of the factory-installed pressure measurement systems. Suitable for all types of alloy wheels with a diameter of 11.3 mm. The tightness of our valve connections is the basis of a well-functioning system and ensures the correct tire pressure reading. The valve consists of the following elements:

metallic painted aluminum body,
from the inside of the rubber seal rim
plastic washer on the outside of the rim
plastic cap
spring leaf
threaded socket for installation with a pressure sensor

TPMS Valve 04 TPMS Valve 04

Model TPMS-04

Types Tubeless valve

Suitable models General Iron tire pressure monitoring, BMW X5, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Nissan, market retrofit

Materials  Aluminum alloy body +EPDM rubber pad + pure copper valve core + nylon plastic cap

Colour Gray

Product standard American valve

Thread size 8V1

Packaging 100个/pp,10 Bag/box

Carton size 35*26*14cm

N.W 13.8.g(With screws)



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