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Tire removal tools

Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools

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Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools

Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools With smooth surface to reduces friction, and optimal tire change angle, this set can help you change tire faster and more efficient. You can demount a tubeless tire in as little as 8 seconds and remount it in less than 20 seconds. It saves you lot of time and money.

Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools

Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools

1. The product is made of 45 # steel, precision casting, heat treatment, and surface precision machining, which is sturdy and durable,

2. Adopting forging process to reduce density and improve performance

3. The rod body is integrally formed, without welding seams, making it safer to use

4. The product radian is set according to the wheel hub, which is not easy to wear the wheel hub and tires

5. Products can be customized according to customer requirements

6. The handle conforms to ergonomics, providing a comfortable grip and avoiding hand injuries during prolonged operation

7. Steel bird head locator is used for precise positioning without deformation

8. Affordable price, time-saving and labor-saving, not affected or constrained by the environment

9. Suitable for truck tires up to 24.5 inches

10. This tool can remove the tire in 15 seconds and install the tire in 8 seconds

11. The company has 15 years of production experience and guaranteed quality

12. Small footprint and easy storage

13. CE standards

Tire Removal Mount Demount Tools

Constructed of heavy duty drop-forged carbon steel, with 3mm seamless tube main-body, and powder coated gloss finish surface, this tire mount/ demount tool set is corrosion and rust-proof, offering you the highest amount of durability and longevity.
This high-quality tire mount/demount tool set is specially designed to simplify mounting and demounting stubborn and protect the wheels. Eliminates the need to lift the rim to remove the bottom bead. Only one tool needed to mount and demount tires.
Designed to mount and dismount tires of 17.5 to 24.5 inches, this widely used tire bar tool set is suitable for most radial and bias ply tires such as car, truck, semi, and bus tires, greatly assist you handling the tasks of tire changing or retreading.
Changing tires can be strenuous and even dangerous work, but these new tire tools with nylon rollers will protect you from injury and protect your tires, rims, and tools from damage; and also provide quick and simple movements when working,effectively reduce stress and prevent


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