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3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool

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3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool -high-quality tire mount/demount tool set is specially designed to simplify mounting and demounting stubborn 17.5" to 24.5" tires and protecting wheels. Eliminates the need to lift & rim to remove the bottom bead.

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool  1x Demount Tool,1 x Mount Tool,1 x Bead Keep

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool 3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool =

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool

1. The product is made of 45 # steel, precision casting, heat treatment, and surface precision machining, which is sturdy and durable,

2. Adopting forging process to reduce density and improve performance

3. The rod body is integrally formed, without welding seams, making it safer to use

4. The product radian is set according to the wheel hub, which is not easy to wear the wheel hub and tires

5. Products can be customized according to customer requirements

6. The handle conforms to ergonomics, providing a comfortable grip and avoiding hand injuries during prolonged operation

7. Steel bird head locator is used for precise positioning without deformation

8. Affordable price, time-saving and labor-saving, not affected or constrained by the environment

9. Suitable for truck tires up to 24.5 inches

10. This tool can remove the tire in 15 seconds and install the tire in 8 seconds

11. The company has 15 years of production experience and guaranteed quality

12. Small footprint and easy storage

13. CE standards

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool
this Is our manual tire changer, which will help you change tires in a great energy saving. As for its portability, 3 pieces tool set, easy to store in trunk or under the seat, so that you can use it whenever you need wherever in the shop, on the farm, or even at the track.

3pcs Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool

Efficient Tire Disassembly and Installation: VEVOR 3-piece tire disassembly tool kit (includes a disassembly tool, a bead retainer and a mounting bar) provides a complete and convenient tool set for a tire renewal and replacement. tires quickly and easily. Get back on the road quickly and enjoy your car trip with a new tire.
Fit for 22.5-24.5 Inch Tires: Specifically designed for medium and heavy duty motor vehicle tires, our tire mounting disassembly tools are perfect for tires ranging from 22.5 to 24.5 inches (570-620mm). Whether you have buses, heavy trucks, trailers, tractors or more, our tire mounting tools are the optimal choice for you.
Tire Friendly Design: The tire changer is equipped with thick, smooth pieces that come into contact with the tire and wheel hub. The disassembly tool features a nylon roller that gently inserts into the wheel hub, preventing damage or rubbing and ensuring your new tires remain intact. To improve tire protection, we recommend applying adequate lubrication during operation to minimize friction.
Solid Construction: Our disassembly tool bar is made of high-frequency tempered forged steel and coated with a rust-resistant spray. The bead holder is made of durable, wear-resistant reinforced nylon material. The robust structure ensures stability and allows powerful tire disassembly without deformation or brittleness.
User-friendly operation: Experience effortless tire disassembly with one simple step. The tire mounting disassembly tools feature a rubber sleeve with a comfortable grip. By taking advantage of the principles of leverage, you can easily handle heavy tires without feeling fatigued.


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