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Car baking lamp

Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL

Product Details

Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL

Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL  Individual adjustable emitter cassettes have a long life emitter with a lifespan of up to 6000 hours

Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL  Powerful penetration directly into the inner layer of paint; completely dries two-component paints in 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes

Car baking lampS-LD-3A Car baking lampS-LD-3A Car baking lampS-LD-3A Car baking lampS-LD-3A

Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL parameter 

3 lamps - Manuel operate

1)Supply voltage:220V-240V 50/60HZ

2)Boot power :3x1100W

3)Temperature :40-100℃

4)Time:0-60 minutes

5)Baking area:1200x1000mm
Car baking lamp S-LD-3AL Feature
1. Germany technology and IRA infrared shortwave heating tubes. Over 8000hours of lamp life .

2.Special processing imported 304 stainless steel  reflector plates(anti-high temperature, anti-distortion)

  1. Imports knob mechanical set the time and temperature , hydraulic lifter , the lamp body can be rotate 360 degrees .

4.Automatically alarm ringing,  independent control of each set of lights , satety overload protection

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