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Car baking lamp

Car baking lamp S-LD-6AL

Product Details

Car baking lamp S-LD-6AL

Car baking lamp Six lights can be controlled separately. The large and wide chassis can enter the bottom of the car horizontally through the tire.

Paint drying lamp Powerful penetration directly into the inner layer of paint, complete drying of two components in 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.

Car baking lamp S-LD-6AL Advanced paint curing technology. Ideal for polyurethane paint (double component paint), single component paint and water-based paint.

Car baking lamp Car baking lamp Car baking lamp Car baking lamp

Car Paint drying lamp Specification

6 lamps - Manuel operate

1)Supply voltage:380V 50/60HZ

2)Boot power :6x1100W

3)Temperature :40-100℃

4)Time:0-60 minutes adjustable

5)Baking area:2000x1200mm

Paint drying lamp S-LD-6AL Feature

  1. Germany technology and IRA infrared shortwave heating tubes. Over 8000hours of lamp life .

2.Special processing imported 304 stainless steel  reflector plates(anti-high temperature, anti-distortion)

  1. Imports knob mechanical set the time and temperature , hydraulic lifter , the lamp body can be rotate 360 degrees .

4.Automatically alarm ringing,  independent control of each set of lights , satety overload protection

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