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Car baking lamp

Car baking lamp S-LD-2W

Product Details

2-Head Short Wave Infrared Lamp Large Baking Area: Our paint dryer lamp can bake an area of about 23.6 x 31.5 inches, and the working temperature is adjustable from 60 to 70°C. Equipped with the powerful 2100W short wave infrared lamps to allow heat to pass back through the coating through conduction, it is more efficient than traditional far wave infrared heating, which can save working time while avoids energy waste.
Short Wave Infrared Lamp Design: Our baking paint lamp has a 360-degree rotating lamp head, which is convenient for painting all parts of the car; move the lamp head up and down to adjust the height of the painting lamp; It comes with 4 swivel wheels so you can move it anywhere.


Car baking lampS-LD-2W Car baking lampS-LD-2W Car baking lampS-LD-2W Car baking lampS-LD-2W

Shortwave Infrared Curing Lamp -LD-2W

Car baking lamp S-LD-2W Specification
2 lamps - Equip with unique mechanization timer

1)Supply voltage:220V-240V 50/60HZ

2)Boot power :2x1100W

3)Baking area:800x800mm

Short Wave Infrared Lamp  S-LD-2W Feature
1. Germany technology and IRA infrared shortwave heating tubes. Over 8000hours of lamp life .

2.Special processing imported 304 stainless steel  reflector plates(anti-high temperature, anti-distortion)

  1. unique mechanization timer .

4.Can be vertically moved up to the roof .

Car baking lamp Packing Size 


Car baking lamp S-LD-2W Characteristics:
Mobile: Comes with 4 swivel wheels so you can move anywhere. Timer function: Adjustable time range (1 to 60 minutes), allows you to freely adjust the spray time according to the painted surface. Individual Control: Each paint drying lamp head can be turned on and off individually. High Heat Dissipation Performance: With cooling hole design and improved heat dissipation efficiency to prevent damage at high temperatures, and effectively improve the service life. Highly Safe: With a thick and long power cord, it is highly safe and can meet various work needs.


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