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wheel weights inspection standard

 wheel weights inspection standard 

  1. Aim:

To ensure ourwheel weights will meet the quality requirement. It will be suitable for all inspection of wheel weight raw material.

  1. Basis of inspection:purchase order, BOM material inventory, engineering physical model.

wheel weights inspection standard


3.1 Visual inspection: The inspector will be with corrected visual acuity no less than 1.2 and no color blindness and color weak eye disease. And the inspection method is in the natural light or 40W incandescent light or standard light source, 30cm away from the observation at the head-level 3 seconds.

3.2 wheel weight  A combination of a weight and a chuck mounted on the rim, rim for balancing the tread and wheel assembly rotating about the center to achieve a dynamic balancing requirement within a specified value. Wheel Weight is in grams as units. The clip on wheel weight is with a hook and then could be installed on the edge of the rims firmly.

wheel weights inspection standard

  1. Responsibilities and Permissions

Quality department: Responsible for the supervision and control of the implementation of this standard.

  1. Content:

5.1 Sample Extraction Method

5.2 based on GB/T2828.1-2003, General inspection level II, normal inspection sample extraction one time method

  1.  Description of the defect level: 

6.1 Is caused personal safety, serious loss of property or environmental pollution

6.2 Refer to the damage of product function or seriously affect the integrity of the product structure

6.3 The defect except the critical and major defect.

    Inspection Item      Inspection Standard      Inspection Method


No cracks, pinholes, craters,   defects, repair or other defects,   affecting the strength of balance weight;   The hook is no cracks,glitch; the surface   treatment is uniform coated. Visual
Weight 100±3,200±5 Electronic scales
Installation and disassembly There is no room between balance and   hook. And it could be used normally. Whats more, the hook is no cracks, not   loose, or obvious deformation phenomenon.Installing firmly, and the wheel   weight is no change with 5 times installation ans disassembly with mounting   and demounting tools.

Trial installation

smell Wheel weight is no peculiar smell smell
Hardness(HRC) The hook HRC40-48 Hardness tester
Demounting force the static force, which remove wheel   weight from rims with tool is over 300N. Trial installation
Corrosion resistance The way of surface treatment and   salt-spray test are based on GB2864.

Corrosion   resistance should be over 48h

Salt-spray test machine
Strength Test Weight 740g steel ball from 80/60 cm   height free fall to the balance block mounting screw. Then there is no obvious   defects, like big fragment and cracks Drop experiment

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