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Wheel Balance Weight Shipment for Russian Customer

On July 25th, the Russian old customer placed another order for the two containers wheel balance weight, mainly the 5g*12 iron adhesive galvanized wheel balance weight, and the kind with custom-made LOGO. At that time, it was said that the delivery time is 30 days, but the customer feedback said that the delivery is expected to be advanced, We told the customer that it takes about 5-7 days to open molds with logo, the installing and testing takes 2-3 days, and We are fighting for the delivery of the 20th to the customer..

In order to meet the needs of customers, we will arrange the order immediately after receiving the deposit on 29th, open the mold, and seize the time to produce wheel balance weight. On the 5th, the production of the conventional wheel balance weight has been completed. After the mold is installed and tested, wheel balance weight with LOGO is also put into production immediately. According to the communication with the workshop staff, we can complete the production on 11th Aug. The customer was very satisfied with our production situation, requested immediate booking vessel and scheduling delivery as soon as possible. After communicating with the forwarder, it was found that the ship on Aug. 17 can be set, and the ship Loading the goods on Aug.12. After booking vessel, the forwarder did not give the loading bill, and it was finally received on the 12th. The date of the cut-off date was postponed to the 13th. Due to the typhoon crossing, the rainstorm weather is not very good to find the trailer personnel. We contacted more than 10 freight forwarding companies to find the trailer personnel. After the delivery, the customer is very satisfied with our work efficiency, and proposes to place the next two containers wheel balance weight.

Our company mainly produces wheel balance weight with high production capacity, and we can bring better service and product quality to customers.


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