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What is the impact when the wheel balance weight drops out

What is the impact when the wheel balance weight drops out?

Wheel balance weight is very important to maintain the balance of tires, which not only helps to extend the tire service life and ensure vehicle performance, but also contributes to the safety of the driver. Unbalanced tire movement can lead to irregular wear of the tire and unnecessary wear of the vehicle suspension system, and unbalanced tires traveling on the road will also cause the vehicle bump, resulting in driving fatigue.

Therefore, the drop-out of the wheel balance would influence tire balancing to some degree, which relies on whether the driver feels it or not.

The average error of the tire dynamic balance is 5g-10g. The smallest is 5g, so at least 5g of the tire is unbalanced when the wheel balance weight drops out.

The car will tremble when driving to a certain speed if the tire is unbalanced, it could also do damage to the tire bearing and thus affect the suspension body, so it is better to install a new one to prevent future trouble.

Whether it is to install a new tire, or replace the old one, it needs to do tire dynamic balance when it is the first time to install a tire to the rim in case of future repair. It is recommended to do tire balance to the professi onal tire shop at least quarterly.


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