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What material is the balance weight?

The balance weight is made of iron. The mass of each part of any object will be different. Under static and low-speed rotation, the uneven mass will affect the stability of the object rotation. The higher the speed is, the greater the vibration will be. The function of the balance weight is to make the quality difference of the wheels as small as possible, so as to achieve a relatively balanced state.

What material is the balance weight

The following is the function of the balance weight:

1. It is to make the wheel keep dynamic balance under high speed rotation. In order to avoid the phenomenon of vehicle shaking and steering wheel vibration in the process of driving, the wheel counterweight is used to make the vehicle run stably;

2. To ensure the balance of the tire is helpful to extend the life of the tire and the normal performance of the vehicle;

3. Reduce the wear and tear caused by tire imbalance caused by vehicle movement; Reduce unnecessary wear of vehicle suspension system.


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