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In October,customer Mr Zhou-, send me picture of sticky wheel weights :this is very quite and pretty ,but as before not produce this surface ,(Trough many methods to ask for this surface,and regret cannot produce this surface,in china all paint company can not do  ),so introduce a similar coated wheel weights :
Fe adhesive wheel weights -Black coated --3m TAPE -5gx4+10gx4

After Mr zhou contacted with his customer ,so send him sample 5 strips Fe adhesive wheel weights -Black coated --3m TAPE -5gx4+10gx4

Fe adhesive wheel weights -Black coated --3m TAPE -5gx4+10gx4

Through 1 month qualtiy test ,both the tape and surface meet customer standard !
Black coated salt spray test >=120 hours ,also have 72 hours
Fe material is the cheapest among pb,zn wheel weight ! And environmental friendly !
3M Tape is Import tape wIth good sticky !Is best choice for high quality and high level customer

Today ,the order have shipped to customer warehosue !

Fe adhesive wheel weights -Black coated

Generally, Customer ask for EU standard blue sticker,since it it cheap and in good quality, but you can also choose Noton or 3M according to your needs;
Tape on the back of wheel weights ,can be standard size, or 2mm widen for easy peel,these year,wider tape of wheel weights is more popular for customer!


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