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Attention should be paid to large tire changer

Large tire changer should pay attention to the direction of the rotation of the shovel, to solve the different diameter of the tire center height difference of the tire problem

Machine features:

1, the six axis, due to the use of S41mm high quality carbon structural steel material, so that the rigidity is greatly improved, not easy to deformation, so that you can remove the hard wall, flat tire more secure and reliable.

2, turntable, the use of delta 15mm high quality carbon structural steel, its degree of strength and strength have a reliable guarantee, turntable surface using hard chromium plating process not only increases the wear resistance and improve the corrosion resistance.

3, disassembly and assembly, the use of high-quality alloy material processing, to ensure that the use of strength.

4, the machine is equipped with a mounting head protective cover, protective pad, claw protection sleeve, crowbar protection sleeve and bead breaker shoe. When the aluminum alloy rim is disassembled, the rim will not be scratched.

5, the size of the large size, can meet the small and medium truck and car tire disassembly.

The system for Pneumatic Gauge box with rubber inflating hose 6, tire inflation, use longer and more security.

7, this machine with "C" configuration "C" configuration for fast charging device can make the vacuum vacuum tire, tire and rim edge in close contact, so as to solve the problem of inflation, while general inflation system leakage faults.

8, upgrade, can be selected according to the requirement of HL410 track type slide, arbitrary angle roller of high-grade mechanical hand or AL410+AR410+WL65 double luxury helper and tyre lifting device to easily tire.

9, the gas storage tank for the built-in, with a circular column instead of exposed in the outside of the gas tank, can reduce the maximum area of the machine, so that the effective use of space.

10, the turntable is equipped with steel, wear-resistant slide, reduce the clamping wheel rim of the wear of the turntable itself, prolong the service life of the turntable.

11, pneumatic tire shovel has two gears, fully taking into account the problem of tire tire super wide.

The tire dismounting machine belongs to the traditional maintenance equipment, the technical content is not high, at present the equipment manufacturer basically is in the meager profit stage. At present, a little better repair shop is equipped with tire dismantling machine, as a professional tire shop, tire dismantling machine is essential. Similarly, for the general repair shop, the use of tire removal machine can greatly improve the efficiency of the original 30 minutes to solve the problem, now less than 5 minutes can easily get, and maintenance staff is very easy. The high-end tire changer today by editorial recommendation two is suitable for large-scale factory use.

type tire assembly and disassembly machine for high-end configuration models. The utility model is a semi-automatic model of a swing arm type column, and the utility model also has a fast inflating device. And equipped with HL410 type manipulator, the operation is more efficient, safe and labor-saving. Especially for the special width, hard wall, flat, vacuum tire disassembly advantages more prominent. According to the export standard production, stable and reliable performance, suitable for large-scale factory use.



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