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Spring Compressor

In August 30th , We received an inquiry from the Email , the customer who comes from Latin America wanted an machine to removal and install the spring on the car . After a brief conversation . We know that the customer need the spring compressor which also named shock absorption spring removal machine . According to the different technical parameter , there are three kinds of spring compressor like it show as below picture .

Hydraulic spring compressor mainly used to disassembles shock absorption spring for mini-cars and cars. It can compress the spring and stay in any position with hand. Operation simple and fast, safe and reliable. It widely used in the car repair factory and 4S shop .

For the type S-T062 , the rated capacity is 2tons , It can compress the spring diameter range is from Φ102-Φ254mm . and the max working size is 355mm. It can satisfied with the requirements of shock absorption spring for different cars.

Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd has produced the spring compressor and export it for more than 10years . We have the the most advanced production technology and good service guarantee. Customers evaluation for our product is also high. Welcome to more customer consultation.


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