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The power of examples on work

On August 17th, Pansy and Ana got the task of attending CITEXPO 2017 in Shanghai on August 21~August 23.In my eyes, it is such a difficult task for two girls. But it is really full of challenging.


With high efficient work of our company, they bought tickets and booked hotels at the first time and use only several hours to prepare samples and product catalogues. Then they two set foot on the journey on August 19th,2017.


They went to attend CITEXPO 2017 on time on the date of August 21st,2017.


Two of them are more so excellent on CITEXPO 2017 than other companies. They represented our company Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd.


On the same date, our boss attended MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2017.


Everything goes well to everyone’s expectation.


They are such good employees examples in our company.


This proves our company’s good leadership level and high executive power.


This is the advantages of our company.


I can imagine that when peoples of other companies on CITEXPO 2017 see our booth, they must put up thumbs and show respect to they two.


This makes me excited and proud being as their colleague.


I know lots of things need to learn in this company.


And I need to work harder to be that person like them.


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