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Professional Tire Valves Introduction

A small part of a tire that is used to fill and deflate the tire, and to maintain the inflated seal. Ordinary valve is composed of valve body, valve core and valve cap.

Type of valve:

1, according to the purpose: bicycle valve mouth, motorcycle, electric vehicle valve mouth, car valve mouth, truck bus valve mouth, agricultural engineering vehicle valve mouth, special valve mouth, etc.

2. Tubeless valve: tubeless valve and tubeless valve.

3. According to the assembly method: screw the screw-on universal valve , clamp-in valve and snap-in valve.

4. According to the size of core chamber: ordinary core chamber valve and large core chamber valve.

5, according to the valve core: British mouth Dunlop /woods valve, American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth presta valve, German mouth and Italian mouth.


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