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Order For Wheel Chock

n July 6, 2019, we received an inquiry for the wheel chock from the UAE customer. The customer needed 1000 pcs wheel chock and he wanted us to send samples for inspection. We search for customer information through Google and learn that the customer is mainly used truck repairs and sales . According to the customer's request, we recommended two kinds of wheel chocks used for car and truck, and informed him the material and load-bearing range of the wheel chock and provided video for customer reference. The customer informed us that the truck wheel chock was required, plastic, and the load was 10-15 tons.


Based on the information given by the customer, we have calculated the freight to Dubai and reported the reasonable shipping and sample fees. After the customer receives the price, he gives us feedback and informs us his target price. After repeated discussions with the customer and our boss, we finally confirm the price that both parties are satisfied with. Then I made a detailed sample invoice for the customer and he paid for it through PayPal on July 15.


Our wheel chocks are tested and ISO and CE certified and the quality is guaranteed. Look forward to customer sample testing feedback and trial orders.

Order For Wheel Chock


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