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Order For 7pcs truck tire removal tools

On June 16, 2021, we received an inquiry on the official website from an Australian customer about truck tire removal tools. The customer needs 50 sets of truck tire removal tools. Through Google search customer information, we know that the customer is a foreign trade company, mainly to help other retailers purchase. According to the requirements of customers, we recommend 3-piece set and 7-piece set of truck tire removal tools to customers, and inform the parameters and application scope of tire stripping tools, and provide videos for customers' reference. The customer said that they need a set of 7 pieces, which can be used for 17-24.5-inch vacuum truck tire removal tools.

We discussed the price and the mode of transportation with our customers. They were very satisfied after hearing this, and helped them make a detailed invoice, which was paid through the company's account on July 2.

Our 7pcs truck tire removal tools have been repeatedly tested and passed ISO and CE certification. They are safe and reliable in quality, and are made of special metal. They are wear-resistant and non deformable. The structure design is reasonable, the disassembly is labor-saving, convenient and fast. Because its material is stainless steel, it can save the production cost, so the price is more affordable, adapt to the market of various countries, so the sales volume is relatively large. 7pcs truck tire removal tools is a good tool to liberate labor force. It is a good news for big cars to change tires. Such an easy-to-use tool is naturally popular.


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