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It’s the balance weight on the tire. It’s not good without it

Wheel weight is necessary for every car

It's very normal to have a balance weight on the wheel hub, even if it's a new car. Some balance weights are pasted on the bright part of the wheel hub, while others are pasted on the dark part of the wheel hub.

The function of the balance weight is to realize the dynamic balance of the wheel, because with the present processing technology, it is difficult for the wheel hub and tire to be 100% round. What's more, no matter what material or technology the wheel hub or tire is made of, although it looks very uniform to the naked eye, it is actually of uneven quality, that is, some parts are heavy, some parts are light.

If such wheels and tires are directly installed on the car, the driver may not feel anything at a slower speed, but once the speed goes up, he can obviously feel the shaking from the steering wheel, which is caused by the uneven weight of the wheels and brings discomfort to the drivers and passengers. If the adjustment is not made for a long time, it will cause uneven tire wear, and even more serious, it will damage the suspension system. At that time, driving safety will be affected.


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