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Introduction to special technology of bonded iron balance weight

Generally speaking, the pasted iron balance weight can be applied to any vehicle type. It is galvanized and sprayed with plastic, which meets the environmental protection and anti-corrosion standards.

The adhesive iron balance weight is made of iron with a content of 0. The adhesive tape can be selected from 3m, South Korea, Taiwan and domestic, which is suitable for various environmental requirements. There are electrostatic spraying, resin spraying and automobile paint spraying on the surface, which can be selected by customers according to their needs.

Specification of iron balance weight: 60g (5g * 4pcs + 10g * 4pcs), 60g (5g * 12pcs)

So what are the process advantages of adhesive balance weight? Let's introduce:

1. The weight error is very small. Double sided adhesive tape is used and pasted firmly.

2. The dynamic balance does not damage the rim and is beautiful.

3. The heavy block has clear lettering, fine process and neat appearance.

4. Arbitrarily cut a variety of specifications, which is widely applicable and brings convenience to dynamic balance.


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