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Inquiry of Wheel Weight

This week, We got some inquiries from different countries customers , They need the variety of wheel weight like fe adhesive wheel weight (5g+10g)x4 , 5gx12 , and also the wheel weight in roll 5gx1200 . Except this type , They also need the lead adhesive wheel weight die casting type (5g+10g)x4 and lead clip on wheel weight , fe clip on wheel weight . The purchasing quantity is very large . In their market , the mainly wheel weight is fe adhesive wheel weight and lead clip on wheel weight , but in recently years , most customers and sellers developing the fe clip on wheel weight in the market .


Under this situation, we mainly conducted in-depth contact with this customers, and further asked for the requirements and procurement status of wheel weight from the customer's , such as procurement time, procurement type, purchase quantity, procurement time , previous suppliers in China and purchase price, etc. Based on the different sale market, we have carried out a detailed analysis of the wheel weight series of customer order and understand the customer's demand, thus giving customers a relatively satisfactory wheel weight quality and price.

Through our unremitting efforts and good service for the customers , also give satisfactory answers to customers' questions, then finally gain the trust of customers and make customers place an order within one week.



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