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Four wheel positioning

There are many people will think that the four wheels and shock absorbers are vertical ground, between the front and rear wheels are balanced, but this is not the case. In order to ensure that the vehicle is running, can have a good straight line stability and steering of the recovery, so between the wheel and the suspension will have a special angle, known as the four wheel positioning.

The car at the factory, the wheel and the hanging angle will be adjusted according to the standard data designed. However, when the vehicle after a certain period of time, due to the impact of external shock, or because the replacement of the chassis parts, these angles will change caused by deviation, this time through the four wheel positioning to re-adjust.

The four-wheel positioning includes adjusting the kingpin inclination, the kingpin inclination, the front wheel camber, the front wheel front beam data, and these parameters on the vehicle will have any impact?

1.when drive straightly, the steering wheel is straight to maintain a straight line

  1. when change the direction, the steering wheel will reset automatically


  1. Increase driving Comfort


  1. Increase driving Safety


  1. Increase driving control sense


  1. Reduce tire Wear


  1. Reduce fuel consumption



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