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Five material choices of tire seal string

Tire seal string is used in production and life, so there are different adhesive strips. Different adhesive strips also play a great role in some things. Here are five material choices of adhesive tape, hope to help you.

1. The characteristic of rubber PVC composite (modified PVC) is that it is determined according to the specification and size, and the price is cheap,.

2. Silicone rubber (SIR), anti compression deformation, cooling, aging, and good elasticity, beautiful surface. Used in food machinery industry.

3. PU coated foam strip is easy to use and has a long service life. It is specially made for high production cost,     Don't use it in middle and low grade doors and windows.

4. EPDM + PP thermoplastic elastomer, similar to silicone rubber, with     It can be recommended for doors and windows.

5. Flat paste EPDM foam strip, back adhesive easy to fall off, single effect, mainly for door enterprises to do the effect.

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