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Don’t worry about the small balance block. A little carelessness will also affect driving safet

The exhibition has once again come to an end, and numerous beautiful car models have once again become shining highlights in different people's social circles! Whether a model is beautiful or not depends on their legs! For cars, whether they are handsome or not depends on the casters!

Many people may only focus on what kind of wind turbine this car is using and what international large tires it is using. But you may overlook the tire - a small thing on the weight of the wheel!

The wheels of a car are a whole composed of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing and assembly reasons, the quality distribution of the overall part is not uniform. When the car wheels rotate at high speed, a dynamic imbalance state is formed, causing the wheels to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate while the vehicle is in motion.

At this point, in order to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to increase the counterweight, which is the weight of the wheels, to correct tire imbalance.

When to use wheel weights

So when should we use a balance block? In fact, for every car assembly, the manufacturer will first perform a dynamic balance and install a balance block according to the imbalance amount!

In daily vehicle maintenance, it is generally necessary to balance and install wheel weights in the following situations!


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