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Three Misunderstandings of Wheel Weights

Here we introduce the wheel balance weights of the use of the three errors, you heroes to see you move it?

  1. Disregard corrosion and rust?

Rusty hook-type wheel weights, due to prolonged exposure to air and rain, coupled with the deteriorating environmental pollution, the acid in the rain has accelerated the corrosion and rust of the counterweight.

Three Misunderstandings of Wheel Weights

The weight of the wheel weights that has been eroded by corrosion has long since changed, and the balance of the wheel has long been destroyed by changes in its weight.

  1. One is not enough to two, the more balanced wheel weightss the better?

The balance of wheel dynamics is that there is an unbalance point in the inner and outer sides of the hub, and the balance effect is eventually achieved by using a wheel weights with a corresponding weight and weight.

When the balancing operation is performed, the old wheel weights is not cleared, or the balance is still taken after a balancing operation, which is an unregulated dynamic balance operation.

  1. Who stole my wheel weights?

Some balance tape with poor tape performance will have a certain adhesive gap after pasting, which will result in loss of the balance weight during driving.

For hook-type balance weights, unreasonable fit clearance is also the cause of their loss during driving. Poor tape properties also make it difficult for the balance weight to clear the residue.

It can be seen that the anti-corrosion properties of the balance weight, the accuracy of the weight, and the properties of the product tape determine the excellent balance of dynamics.

Even if your wheel weights does not have the phenomenon of rusting or error balancing, you must remember to rebalance the wheels if you have these conditions!


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