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The installation method of the clip-on wheel balance weight

1) After checking the dynamic balance of the wheels, clean the inner and outer sides of the wheel rim with a transparent cloth or deer skin to ensure that the surface of the wheel hub is free of oil and water.

2) Inspection before installing clamp balance weights:

a. No defects such as cracks, pinholes, or shrinkage that may affect strength.

b. There are no cracks or burrs at the end of the clamping part.

3) Find the balance point and install the counterweight at this point on the wheel rim. Then use installation tools (usually wheel counterweight pliers) to tap the top of the counterweight to ensure that the hook and body are completely attached to the wheel rim.

4) Check if the counterweight is not too crowded after installation. If not, it means we have successfully completed the installation.

The decisive factor for whether the weight of the clip on wheel weight can be used:
1) Can the diameter of the steel wheel rim perfectly match the diameter of the wheel hub weight model (can the curvature match).
2) The opening size of the wheel hub counterweight hook on the steel wheel rim is 2.0mm+/-0.2mm;

The opening size of the wheel hub counterweight hook on the alloy wheel rim is 4.0mm+/-0.2mm; Sometimes special sizes of 4.5~5.0+/-0.2mm are required.


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