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Advantages of rubber metal valve

The rubber metal valve is composed of metal (brass) pipe and rubber cone. The rubber cone forms a whole with the base, and the base can replace the valve pad of the metal valve. The metal sleeve has threads inside and outside, so that the standard valve core and top cap can be used. In order to combine well with rubber during vulcanization, an annular groove is made on the base of the metal pipe.

Rubber metal valve has many advantages over all metal valve, so rubber valve has been widely used. The main advantages are as follows:

1. The rubber valve is fixed on the inner tube by vulcanization with the valve bottom pad, so it has great elasticity and combined tightness.

2. The conical valve can make the inner tube be placed in the rim correctly and there is no extension near the valve hole. When the car is running, if the inner tube is damaged (such as small perforation), the valve will slowly drill into the tire without damaging the inner tube wall. The metal valve fixed on the rim with a nut will break the inner tube in case of the above situation.

3. The rubber metal valve is much lighter than the metal valve. For example, when the weight of the rubber metal valve is 20 ~ 25g, the weight of the corresponding metal valve is 50 ~ 55g, and the weight of the valve pad used to fix the metal valve on the inner tube is also 15 ~ 16g. Therefore, the balance difference of inner tube can be reduced by using rubber metal valve.

4. The use of rubber metal valve can reduce the consumption of many non-ferrous metals.

5. When using rubber valves or valves covered with rubber on the base, it is not necessary to use the valve reinforcing pad attached to the inner tube.


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