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35PCS Tire Repair Tool Kits

Recently, we have received many inquiries about tire repair tools. The styles of tire repair tools are also different. Generally, they can be classified into three types according to the different materials and shapes, which are T-type plastic handle tire repair tools, gun plastic handle tire repair tools and T-type metal handle tire repair tools. According to the number of tire seal string and accessories included in each set, it is divided into 2 pieces tool kits, 8 pieces tool kits and 35PCS Tire Repair Tool Kits. One of the best sellers is a set of 35 tire repair tool kits. 

35PCS Tire Repair Tool Kits

Regular 35 piece tire repair tool kits , including 2 T-shaped metal handle tire repair tools, 30pcs 100x6mm tire seal string , 1pcs knife, 1 box of grease and 1pcs hex wrench. Customers can also adjust the matching products according to their own needs, such as 2 T-shaped metal handle tire repair tools, 25pcs 100x6mm tire seal string, 1pcs spare thread needle and 1pcs spare plug needle,1 box of grease and 2pcs hex wrenches. You can configure different tools based on the buyer's requirements to facilitate the buyer's selection.

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