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Return order from Russian customers

At the end of June, we received orders from old Russian customers. The order was modified. On the basis of the originalFe adhesive wheel weights, the order for the fe clip on wheel weights was added.

In response to the customer's needs, we redesigned the mold of the wheel weights, drawn the drawings, and handed over the technical requirements of the wheel weights to the customer. The customer was very satisfied with this. (drawings are as follows)

Return order from Russian customers

Wheel weights technical requirements:


1. The material of the wheel weights is Q195, the surface is smooth and clean, and there are no defects such as unevenness and cracks that affect the durability.

2, the clip material is 65Mn, the hardness after heat treatment is: HRC 40-47; the clip is not allowed to have burrs, sharp edges, and cracks;

3, the balance surface of the overall surface of the treatment of the surface, no scratches, scratches and powder on the surface, salt spray experiments for more than 480 hours Corrosion;

4. The balance block is installed on the matching wheel rim, then removed, repeating 3 words, the block has no looseness, deformation and cracks;

5. The balance block disassembly force and other performances meet the requirements of QC/T199 "Car Balance Block";

Return order from Russian customers

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