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The function of wheel balance weight

Wheel balance weight, is using to install the rim balance weight. Its function is suitable to the high speed wheel keeping balance for car. All the products have their difference, at static and low-speed rotation, the unbalance of product will affect stability, more higher speed, more shaker. As the China highway conditions improve and develop automotive technology level quickly, the car speed is also faster.

The function of wheel balance weight
Assembly instructions for stick-on wheel weight

If the unbalance of automotive wheels, in this high-speed driving, will not only affect comfortable of the car , but also will increase automobile tires and suspension system is not normal wear and tear, increasing the difficulty of cars in motion the process control, leading to traffic insecurity. To prevent this from happening, the wheel must be installed before special equipment - wheel balancing machine balancing test, adding the appropriate weight in the quality of small wheel at the wheel at high speed to maintain dynamic balance, which species counterweight is wheel balance weights.The function of wheel balance weight

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